For Kids



Duration: 1 hr
Including time for warmups, exercises, learning
techniques, sparring and games.

Our Kids Classes aim to help kids get fitter, build their thinking skills and teach them self-defense. We incorporate both discipline and fun into the experience so kids can face challenges and learn to work together. Jiu Jitsu can help kids develop a sense of confidence, discipline, respect, and strength, all whilst enjoying the process.

We emphasise individual progress of each student through belt promotions. We follow the IBJJF belt grading system.

At our studio we have 4 Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes for different ages.

Kowloon Kids Jiu Jitsu - Hong Kong

Toddlers Classes
(Ages 3-5)

With Toddlers, our goal is to improve their coordination and movement patterns with exercises and Jiu Jitsu style games. We look to build kids teamwork skills through basic partnered techniques.

Kids Classes
(Ages 5-7)

The focus is to learn coordination, movements and practise basic techniques with a partner. Our goal is to help kids develop their sense of body awareness and applying techniques to limited sparring.

Juniors Classes
(Ages 8-12)

We look to develop strong fundamentals and teaching more intermediary techniques. We incorporate more partner drills, positional sparring and live rolling. We strive to enlighten students to be accountable in heir actions and individual growth.

Teens Classes
(Ages 13-17)

In the teens classes, young adults will dive deeper into the world of jiu jitsu. Through learning how to confidently defend themselves and effectively submit a training partner, students will develop a long-lasting friendship.



Judo is a grappling martial art that focuses on lifting and throwing your opponent from a standing position.

It is a martial art that incorporates mental discipline and physical prowess to capitalize on your opponent’s movement to force them down onto their backs.

There is no striking or kicking in Judo.

At our studio we have 2 Kids Judo classes for different ages.

Juniors Judo_Sparring

Judo Toddlers Classes
(Ages 2-5)

Duration: 1 hour

We focus on the fundamental exercises, including improvements to balance, power and agility skills, and movements against your partner.

Judo Juniors Classes
(Ages 6-12)

Duration: 1 hr 45 mins
(1 Hour for basic 45 mins for advanced)

We incorporate more intermediary throws into our lessons.

Kyu Grade Promotion Test

The KYU Grade Promotion Test takes place twice per year and considers the physical and
mental improvements of our Judo students.

In our Kids Judo Class, based on the coach’s teaching experiences for children, the promotion test to each grade is rearranged to help students with improving their skills and knowledge enthusiastically.

All students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their technical development as they progress through the grades.

The promotion test is just one step on the road ahead, but we hope it will help each kid with being motivated.



Inter-clubs/ Internal competitions and events will be held regularly. Members can test their skills and build friendship with such opportunities.

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