For Adults



Duration: 1.5 hr
Including warmups, exercises, learning and practicing techniques and sparring.

Adults classes are aimed for adults above 18 and are broken down into 6 different classes.

We emphasise individual progress of each student through belt promotions. We follow the IBJJF belt grading system..

Kowloon Jiu Jitsu - Hong Kong

Beginners Classes

Recommend: First timers

An introduction class where we go through fundamental fighting concepts and introduce beginners to sparring.

Fundamentals Classes

Recommend: Beginner levels

A fundamental class where we go through basic Jiu Jitsu techniques and concept.

All Levels Classes

Recommend: Experienced beginners and color belts

A more advanced class where we go through more complex techniques and chaining different techniques together.

No-Gi Classes

Recommend: All Levels

An all-level class where we do Jiu Jitsu without kimono, more adaptive to fighting without being able to grab your opponent’s clothes.

Competition Classes

Recommend: People who want to fight in competition or attend high intense training

A high intense class in a competition setting. This classes focus on personalised drilling, specific sparring and replicating the competitive environment.

MMA Classes

Recommend: People who want to expand martial art skills or develop self-defense technique

Mixed Martial Arts classes focus on implementing grappling with striking.
Kowloon Jiu Jitsu Adult Judo



Duration: 1.5 hr

Judo is a grappling martial art that focuses on lifting and throwing your opponent from a standing position.

It is a martial art that incorporates mental discipline and physical prowess to capitalize on your opponent’s movement to force them down onto their backs.

There is no striking or kicking in Judo.

Kyu Grade Promotion Test

The KYU Grade Promotion Test will take into consideration physical and mental improvements of Judo students.

The grade promotion test based on students’ skills and knowledge in Judo.

All students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their technical development as they progress through the grades.

The promotion test is just one step on the road ahead, but we hope it will help each student with being motivated.

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